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Project Description
This simple and lightweight WYSIWYG HTML Editor is a user control for WPF application. It provides basic editing functions and outputs standard HTML.

Written in C#
Design for WPF application and use as UserControl
Full open source
HTML code output
Support hyperlink, image and table inserting
Support html source edting and world counting

Update History

2011/05/02 - v0.85 New Download
1. Add a dependency property named BindingContent to support binding html content to the editor. This property raise update notification via the StatusTextChanged event of the webbrowser control. A new window named BindingTestWindow in SmithHtmlEditor.Demo show how this property works.
2. A stylesheet is load from the file "smithhtmleditor.stylesheet.css" to set the default style of the editing document when the control is initializing. This can help us to set how the document looks.
3. Use the xml file "smithhtmleditor.config.xml" to setup the fonts used in the control. So we can configurate the fonts we need.
4. Update the appearance of the editor under source mode.

2011/01/23 - v0.8 Download
1. Add HtmlDocument class and HtmlDocument.Range class for document editing instead of directly operating IHTMLDocument2 interface and System.Windows.Forms.HtmlDocument object.
2. Update HtmlEditingExtension class to extension methods for HtmlDocument object. And some methods were moved into HtmlDocument class.
3. Fix a bug in HtmlEditor.WordCount property.
4. Update the HtmlEditor.ContentText property as a get-only property.
5. The HtmlEditor.Document property is changed from type System.Windows.Forms.HtmlDocument to Smith.WPF.HtmlEditor.HtmlDocument.
6. Add editing methods for HtmlEditor class.
7. Add DocumentReady event for HtmlEditor class. This event will be raised after the document is ready to use. And it provides a way to load initial content to editor. See the demo.
8. Add DocumentStateChanged event for HtmlEditor class to notify the change of document state.

2010/11/20 - V0.75 Download
Upgraded the word counting algorithm and fixed a bug in color selecting.

2010/10/19 - V0.7
Globlization and localization feature is added into this version.

2010/10/17 - V0.6
It is a preview version for test and provides basic functions for common use.

About the Solution
You may need Visual Studio 2008 to open the solution.
The Smith.WPF.HtmlEditor is the Html Editor user control and related supporting components.
The Smith.WPF.HtmlEditor.Demo is a mini wpf application to show how to use this control.

Any help and suggestion for improving this control is welcome!
you can contact me with this email:

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